OPTICON NLV-3101 2D QR montage scanner USB Black

Den mindste monterbare 2D scanner udviklet af Opticon til dato. Let at integrere.

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    Den mindste monterbare 2D scanner udviklet af Opticon til dato.

    It is also the most powerful 2D stationary scanner made by Opticon. It is developed for the most demanding applications that require the capability to scan both 1D and 2D. In conclusion, if you are looking for a 2D fixed mount scanner this device is for you!

    This fixed mount scanner is ideal in situations that require both 1D and 2D scanning at a high speed. From previous customers we see that the NLV-3101 is used in retail P.O.S., self service solutions like a kiosk, parking lot ticket machines and it is frequently used in medical or pharmaceutical analysis machines. It is clear that this scanner is applicable in a wide range of markets. For this reason this is such a popular product.

    How we describe the NLV-3101
    The NLV-3101 is the best 2D fixed scanner Opticon ever made because it is fast, durable and reliable. This stationary scanner comes with an USB HID/VCP or a Serial interface. Its dimensions are small measuring just 41.1 x 33 x 24 mm, therefor it is a perfect fit for most appliances. Furthermore, this scanner is flexible so it suits most OEM or ODM applications that require a high specification 2D CMOS camera for all their scanning purposes. In conclusion the NLV-3101 is a very suitable fixed position scanner for demanding OEM and ODM projects.

    The highlights why NLV-3101 is the perfect scanner to integrate:

    • High end 1D and 2D scanning
    • Compact design
    • Flexible mounting
    • Scanning speed of 60 scans per second

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